● Clarisse is 47 years old. She lives in Paris and works as a Personal Assistant in a International Company.

● Louise Pascal is 75 years old. Retired of Education where she was a teacher, she has been living in Paris. 

● Mélissa Blanc is 26 years old and she lives in Bordeaux. She is a professional dancer in various companies and divides his time between writing, art and linguistic.

● Laure is 37 years old. She lives on Isle of Rhé where she is a business owner in the field of decorative painting. 

● Stéphane d'Arc is 51 years old and lives in Angers. French teacher for many years, he works at present as an expert in ancient books.

● Christophe Lacaze is 41 years old. He lives in Paris and works in publishing. Specialist of German literature, he has translated Rainer Maria Rilke, Franz Kafka and Heinrich Heine.

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