The feeling begins
Collection of poems by Christophe Lacaze


Written in the twilight of the past millennium by Christophe, then aged around twenty years, these poems can be considered like a metaphor of his young life, a self-portrait, not focused on himself, but in constant relation and identification with others.

The collection of poems "The feeling begins" is above all a style, an ode, which presents various scenes of the social comedy in a phantasmagorical atmosphere, where the author questions our reality and these veiled truths.

Page after page, we gradually discover a particular vision of human relationship, based on passionate themes like love, death, joy and pain which lead our desire at full speed.

Thus, the music and the meaning of his words are multiple, so that each reader can recognize oneself in these poems through mirror images.

"The feeling begins" by Christophe Lacaze, or the stanzas of a poet who does not leave indifferent, an early work which addresses to all lovers of belles-lettres and the mysteries of life.


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Genre: Collection of poems
Pages: 104
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ISBN: 978-2-37136-006-8

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