I love you & other poems
Collection of poems by Clarisse


With this poetic cycle, Clarisse signs a remarkable work, extremely sensitive, which collects her first poems composed between 1986 and 2006.

You will be dazzled by this luminous prose, an unparalleled outspoken speech which declines to infinity variations in major chords of "I love you", when love embraces everything on its way, like a wave that sweeps us away and never leaves us back intact.

Some repeated "I love you", yes, some hypnotic and indomitable "I love you", in a state of grace, as a guideline of our existence; Some unlimited "I love you", at the origin of all our desires... Love, always and still love like the symbol and insatiable mark of our fate!

Dear readers, let you be seduced by this writing and this exalted voice:

"Your arms at night
I remember
Your volcanic arms
Your opened arms
- I'm insomniac of you -
Who contain the bad weather
And have the power to heal, to heal, to heal..."

In these poems, you will find the naked truth of a woman, always tuned to his soul, who reinvents words to be better heard.

Clarisse, an exceptional poetess, definitely.

Please find enclosed four extracts in order to discover the book.

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